Moving house or office? Do your bit for the environment by buying a Low Cost Earth Friendly Moving Kit from Direct Cardboard Boxes!

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Our Earth Friendly Moving Kits are comprised of 100% once used or surplus (misprints/ end of line) cardboard boxes. We rescue the boxes before they are thrown away and pack them up ready to be reused. This means that every time you buy a kit you are doing your bit to help our environment. We have already saved over 1 million trees! As well as being good for the environment, our boxes are all low cost as we do not have the manufacturing costs that many box suppliers have.

Whether you are moving house, office or need boxes for storage, Reuseabox have Earth Friendly Moving Kits to suit you! We supply kits of 20 – 60 boxes, or alternatively you can make your own kit! Reuseabox will even throw in a free roll of packing tape to secure your boxes.