Eco-Friendly Plastic Pallet Boxes – Low Cost and Unbelievably Good for the Environment!

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18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

Eco-Friendly Plastic Pallet Boxes – Low Cost and Unbelievably Good for the Environment!

So how is a plastic pallet box eco-friendly I hear you cry? Plastic is getting a bit of bad press at the moment. Supermarkets are under intense pressure to stop wrapping our fresh fruit and vegetables in it and everyone is trying their upmost to use less and recycle more. So how on earth can we possibly be advertising plastic pallet boxes as eco-friendly?

Well, these aren’t just any plastic pallet boxes. These are once used, reclaimed and refurbished, ready for their next use. Because there’s nothing we hate more than seeing perfectly good things going to landfill or for premature recycling when they are perfectly reusable.

The major benefit to businesses is that they are incredibly low cost! A brand new pallet box, which has gone through extensive manufacturing, producing all sorts of harmful chemicals to the environment, will cost you in the region of £125.00 per unit. Our used, standard plastic pallet boxes start from just £39.59 and if you can take a few pallets, this price will drop dramatically. Our used, euro plastic pallet boxes are even cheaper.

Cheap doesn’t have to mean cheap and nasty. Our stock is low cost because it has been reclaimed and would otherwise be regarded as a waste product. This means we can pass on these cost savings to our customers. As these plastic pallet boxes are used they will show a little wear and tear. Our used cardboard boxes can often wear a little better as they are usually protected by a wooden pallet. Plastic pallet boxes have a built in pallet and this means you will notice some wear along the bottom of the pallet box itself. The pallet boxes may vary in colour. However they will be usable and fit for purpose. Plastic pallet boxes are designed to be incredibly strong and durable so for most purposes they can be reused a number of times. All of our used stock goes through a strict inspection and re-packing process in our central warehouse. Any boxes that do not make the grade are recycled locally. If you’re currently buying new plastic pallet boxes and are unsure of the quality of used why not order a trial pallet of 10 boxes and see for yourself!

We’re excited to include these plastic pallet boxes in our stock range. Our current stock includes the popular Dolav and Magnum designs; ideal for the e-waste or recycling industries. They are also excellent for shipping heavy weight, high value products such as engineering parts. Order now and join our reuse revolution!

If you have used plastic pallet boxes that you no longer need why not sell them to us so we can extend their life, provide your company with a fixed, reliable income for your waste product and provide more customers with low cost packing solutions! For further details contact the reuse team on 01636 626476.

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