Case Study: How we helped this e-commerce company utilise cardboard box reuse for packing their products

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18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

Case Study: How we helped this e-commerce company utilise cardboard box reuse for packing their products

As we emerge from the lockdown, businesses are looking to create more resilience in their supply chains. According to Edie Newsroom, 72% of business decision makers are reconsidering the environmental credentials of their business. An easy way businesses can do this is through the outer packaging they use to transport their products.

Find out how we helped this e-commerce company transition to more sustainable packaging for their products.


The Problem

An e-commerce company needed to find a packaging solution for sending out household products. They wanted to reduce their packaging costs but also required strong, heavy duty boxes that were capable of providing sufficient protection to products delivered via carrier. They also wanted to find more environmentally sustainable packaging and they were interested in the concept of reusing cardboard boxes.

They approached Reuseabox to see if they could help.

Reuseabox assessed the products the e-commerce company were selling and recommended the following boxes:


Ref: AZ814

Once Used, Heavy Duty Double Wall Packing Boxes

Size: 600mm x 395mm x 490mm

160 boxes to a pallet

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Ref: AZ543

Once Used, Strong, Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Size: 490mm x 380mm x 590mm

260 boxes to a pallet

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Environmental Benefits

Reusing cardboard boxes is one of the most sustainable packaging solutions for your products. Cardboard boxes are strong and durable, perfectly capable of being reused a number of times before they are ready to be recycled. When you choose to reuse you don’t just get low cost packaging, you also delay the recycling process, creating the following environmental benefits:


–       Trees saved

–       Water saved

–       Electricity saved

–       Carbon saved


Reuseabox have established supply contracts with some of the UK’s largest manufacturers. We can provide a wide range of once used cardboard boxes, available on long term, regular supply.



The e-commerce company were pleased with the strength of the once used cardboard boxes. They were able to make a significant cost saving when compared to their previous packaging spend. They also used their experience as a PR exercise to explain the environmental savings to their customers.

The e-commerce company decided to switch all of their packaging to paper based solutions. This was more popular with their customers and could be easily recycled. Moving away from unnecessary plastic packaging also means the e-commerce company will not be required to pay the Plastic Packaging Tax which is due to come into force in 2022.


Plastic Packaging Tax

The tax will be applied to any plastic packaging produced in or imported into the UK. Companies must pay the tax on packaging with less than 30% recycled plastic. It is due to come into force by April 2022.


Find out more about our sustainable packaging solutions

If you’d like to find out how cardboard box reuse can benefit your company, contact us today on 0800 2465731.

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