Cardboard Box Reuse And The Circular Economy

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19 October 2020

Cardboard Box Reuse And The Circular Economy

The Circular Economy is our driving force behind everything we do at Reuseabox. We believe in a world where we can design out waste, keep cardboard in use for longer and allow our planet to heal. Our unique Cardboard Box Reuse Model has already helped thousands of businesses to lower their impact on the environment. Take a look at the work we do.

The Reuseabox Model

Our Reuseabox Model allows us to partner with some of the UK’s largest manufacturers to help them recover a large proportion of the waste cardboard they produce. Despite being used, this cardboard is often in a near-new condition.

By segregating the used cardboard boxes at source and preventing them from going into the recycling stream, we cut out a whole chain of environmental damage caused by the recycling process. Despite what many people believe, a cardboard box isn’t a single use item. Most of the time cardboard boxes can be used again, sometimes even three or four times. With each use, we’re helping companies to reduce their carbon footprint and ultimately save trees. For more details on the environmental work we have achieved, check out our Sustainability page.

Truly Sustainable Packaging Solutions

The used cardboard boxes we recover are taken back to our central distribution hub. Here they are sorted, graded and re-palletised. Any boxes that are damaged or not in a reusable condition are sent for recycling locally. The vast majority are then made available for sale on our website as low cost, environmentally sustainable packing boxes. When you choose to reuse you really are selecting the most sustainable source of packaging for your products. If you’re looking to buy sustainable packing boxes, Cardboard Pallet Boxes, shipping boxes an Cardboard Octabins for your business, check out our online shop.

Reuse V Recycling

Recycling will always have an important role to play to ensure we correctly dispose of our waste. But it’s clear we cannot recycle our way out of the current global waste crisis. While recycling is the best way of disposing of packaging that can no longer be reused, the humble cardboard box can often be reused a number of times before it is ready for the baler. To transition to a more circular economy we need to embrace more innovative ways of reusing and re-purposing our waste.

So what are the benefits of cardboard box reuse versus recycling?

  • A Reuseabox needs zero processing compared to a recycled box.
  • A Reuseabox saves energy, water and has a lower carbon footprint. It also saves trees.
  • A Reuseabox is more efficient than a recycled box. You can order today and receive your order tomorrow!
  • A Reuseabox is lower in cost compared to a recycled box. Why pay for expensive recycled boxes when you can Reuseabox?


We’re proud of the work we are doing to help businesses care more about the planet and we hope we can inspire you to make a difference too! If you’re ready to make the switch to a more sustainable way of doing business that embraces circular economy principles, check out the links below.

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